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Astrom EasySCH is a powerful training scheduling system allowing airline training managers to create training curriculum for each fleet of pilots and track training requirements. With EasySCH, creation and management of schedules are quick and efficient. A training curriculum can either be an initial training or a recurrent training, which includes a full spectrum of different training items: simulator training sessions, online courses, online exams, instructor-led classes, third-party trainings, meetings etc.
Detail features are as follows:
Allow training managers to define initial or recurrent training curriculum for each fleet type 
Allow fleet managers to track the training status of his fleet of pilots 
Allow each pilot to monitor his own training status for each type of curriculum 
Provide different scheduling method based on each type of training items. Our intelligent sim session training type allows a scheduler to schedule an instructor for 3 briefing/debriefing/sim sessions without the needs of assigning him to 3 separate events 
Integrate with SQMS to keep abreast of pilot qualification to ensure that they stay current 
Integrate with SmartSim to electronically grade pilots based on EBT concept 
Integrate with ALMS to track online course and exam status 
EasySCH is scalable and configurable for all level of training scheduling within different organizations. The system will be deployed as SaaS solution for customers and can be integrated for data interaction with other customer software systems.




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