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Astrom and Sky Plumage Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement

4th,April,2018, Astrom aviation, a leading competence based aviation training solution provider,has signed strategic cooperation agreement with Hainan Sky Plumage Training Company in the area of flight training solutions.

The agreement paves the way for Astrom and Sky PlumageTraining to collaborate and design, develop and market eLearning content products in flight training. Astrom will help sky plumage to build and optimize its current training modules to improve flight training effeciency and quality with regulatory compliance which is important for sky plumage's  strategic development roadmap. 

As a major player in providing complete training management solutions to Airlines, training organizations, OEM's and MRO's, astrom has proven experience in training management platform deployment and courseware-making solutions.The cooperation will also give us a good opportunity to refine our aviation training management solutions offerings to customes.

For more information about Hainan Sky Plumage, please visit their website at www.skyplumage.com/