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Astrom Expands cooperation with HAITE-Singapore

Dec, 2017, Aviation Safety and Training Pte. Ltd. selects Astrom as their total training solution provider. Astrom will continue to offer Aviation Safety Singapore comprehensive learning management platforms including learning management. trainling  scheduling, type-rating and general subject courseware libraries.

We were hornored to serve aviation safety training companies in China since 2015 and grew togother with this fast-growing flight training company.The solution will be depoyed as software as a service (SaaS) solution allowing safe  online/offline training record tracking with regulatory compliance.
Students can study on web or tablet as they want . Training center control learning progress of each student via a powerful LMS that canbe integrated with any enterprise system through API. 
System combined with professional courseware will greatly lift the workload of aviation training and ensure leaning management accurary which is important for the operation efficiency of aviation safety training.

We believe technolody changes training and are going to continuously improve aviation safety by offering the most advanced training management solutions to the industry with proven excellence.


To know more about Aviation Training -Singapore, please visit : http://haite-sg.com/